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Give yourself the gift of your own friendship!

Coming Home to Self-Compassion

Give the gift to yourself of your own friendship!

Uplifting! Refreshing!

Silent Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Your most important relationship is with yourself!

In this Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Silent Day Retreat you are invited to come home to self-compassion, to come home to self-kindness, to rest, to relax, to recharge.  All through the retreat, you will be guided in an easy and natural way to be present in a warm friendship with yourself. This is an opportunity for those who have already started mindfulness meditation to deepen and to refresh their practice to ease their struggles, to find peace, to access inner joy and wisdom.

This Silent Mindfulness Retreat is not for the uninitiated. The Retreat is for those who have already been introduced to mindfulness and who wish to enhance their daily practice.

Living better with Mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion

Numerous studies keep on showing the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion. Typically,  individuals who take on meditation and informal practices of mindfulness and self-compassion are more emotionally stable and have better control over their mood and behaviours. They are more able to handle stress throughout the day and to relax before bedtimes. Because they are more present, they can make the most of their lives as it is; bounce from the difficult and enjoy the good moments. They increase their capacity for happiness.

Through mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion we find peace in our awareness of the here and now, while we take time to savour, to appreciate, to bring warm-hardheartedness to ourselves, to meet whatever arises with loving kindness and compassion.

During the Retreat you will be coming home to your body, heart and mind; inquiring with curiosity, and compassion to whatever you notice. This attitude of openness, kindness and acceptance to whatever is there helps us to live with greater with calm, clarity and strength.

This Silent Mindfulness Retreat will consist of guided meditations, visualizations, alternating with mindful movements/yoga, mindful walking, mindful eating with periods of rest. Various mindfulness and self-compassion meditations will be presented such as "affectionate breathing", "loving kindness", "compassionate friend", "giving and receiving compassion", "compassionate mindful walking" and many others. The teacher will provide ongoing mindfulness instructions for various practices while the participants are expected to remain silent for the duration of the retreat.  

At the end of this silent mindfulness meditation retreat, there will be a short talk and discussion.  The meditation retreat will be imbued with loving-kindness and self-compassion, focusing on our natural ability to become still, to be present, to be aware, to observe, to be curious, to inquire, to savour, to appreciate and to cultivate loving-kindness.

What to bring: lunch, snack, hat, cushions, yoga mat, blanket, slippers, comfortable clothes, hat, raincoat and umbrella (for rain forecast).

We offer this retreat either as a full-day or half-day:

Full-Day Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Retreat 9:15am-4:30 pm

Half-Day Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Retreat 9:15am-1:00 pm


Prior registration is essential for this Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Retreat

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