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Beyond Mindfulness + Self-Compassion for Professionals- (3 days)

Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra


Give yourself the gift of Mindfulness + Self-Compassion for a better personal and work life!

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Compassion is the essence of Mindfulness and the bedrock of emotional strength.

Beyond Mindfulness + Self-Compassion is an advanced didactic and experiential workshop for professionals who already have established a personal and professional practice in Mindfulness and Self-Compassion.  The aim is to extend your personal understanding and applications of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion so you can extend it in your professional work for increased effective engagement and interventions.

In this workshop, we will present evidence-based strategies in mindfulness and self-compassion to develop more emotional balance, resilience and well-being, to ease difficult emotions and burnout. The concepts and practices presented will be adaptations from Compassion-Focused Therapy, Mindful Self-Compassion  and Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance.

This workshop is for professionals who want to boost their capacity to be more aware, feel calmer, vibrant and compassionate from the inside out.  The aim of the workshop is to engage in more advanced personal practices in mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance professional skills.

Self-Compassion and Mindfulness greatly increase our ability to deal with difficulties with equanimity and protect us from caregiver fatigue. In this workshop we wish to deepen your practice of self-compassion to be able to relate to yourselves with greater warmth and understanding to promote feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment to improve your overall capacity for satisfaction at work and in your personal lives.

The training program will consist of powerful tools to soothe, to calm as well as strategies to promote emotional strength, resilience,  and positive motivation that you can practice in your daily life and teach your clients. Mindfulness and Self-Compassion are about being present with connection and warmth during times of pain and struggles.  We increase our ability to ease difficult emotions, care for others compassionately and be more fully ourselves in our roles. Mindfulness and self-compassion continue to transform the lives of professionals as well as their clients.

The focus of this workshop will be to present:

  •     mindfulness strategies promoting emotional balance
  •     practices to strenghten our intentions, values and commitment
  •     introduction to healing practices in forgiveness for ourselves and others
  •     tools for cultivating compassion for ourselves and others
  •     strategies to experience balance and equanimity in times of struggles
  •     ways to ease and preventing burnout and caregiver fatigue


The research indicates that Health Professionals benefit from mindfulness and self-compassion (Seppala E. M, et al, 2014,  Eriksson T., 2018  )* because it:

•    strengthens relationships with clients/patients,
•    reduces the chances of empathetic distress fatigue and burnout
•    increase resilience and well-being.

More general research findings** over the last 30 years support the benefits of the practice of mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion promoting better health, well-being, satisfying relationships and higher functioning at home and in the workplace.

More specifically it has been found to:
   - Increase resilience to stress, fostering emotional strengths and flexibility
   - Promote emotional regulation, relaxation and calm
   - Activate brain circuits to promote well-being, confidence, problem-solving and creativity
   - Reduce the risk of illness by boosting the positive effects of the vagus nerve and strengthening the immune system
   - Promote healthy lifestyle habits such as diet/exercise, to assist in maintaining a healthy weight
   - Increase happiness, curiosity, enthusiasm, commitment, inspiration, and excitement, while decreasing negative emotions
   - Promote better communication, social intelligence and stronger relationships
   - Increase the ability to focus, to concentrate, to be open to new ways, to innovate
   - Promote leadership skills
   - Increase life satisfaction, social connectedness, vitality, optimism and joy of living
Training objectives
After participating in this workshop, you’ll be able to:   
     - Deepen mindfulness and self-compassion formal and informal practices in daily life
     - Extend feelings of goodwill, kindness and warmth towards self and others
     - Motivate yourself and others with encouragement rather than harsh self-criticism
     - Handle difficult emotions with greater balance
     - Manage stress, anxiety, anger, guilt and shame with greater ease to resolve challenges
     - Meet difficult relationships with compassion
     - Manage burnout, caregiver fatigue and vicarious trauma
     - Learn from your failures and inadequacies with understanding and kindness
     - Become more aware and able to attend skilfully to your needs and the needs of others
     - Promote positive emotions in yourself and others
     - Teach self-compassion practices to patients, clients, students, children or partners

Content of the workshop

In this workshop, we combine the practice of Mindfulness with Self-Compassion to increase our capacity for compassion towards ourselves and others. Both mindfulness and self-compassion can become a bridge to a life which become more intentional, imbued with our core values, filled with courage and wisdom.

This is an experiential workshop, where we will invite you to extend and deepen your mindfulness and self-compassion practices in lines with your intention and ethics to strengthen your compassion for yourself and others. In addition, we will explore how we can promote in our daily meditations, access to our inner knowingness, moving from a sense of small self to a larger self that knows and cares.  We will present mindfulness and self-compassion practices that have been found to have a protective effect on health professionals, promoting well-being and resilience.

In the first day of this workshop, we will explore the specific applications of mindfulness to assist emotional regulation and emotional balance.   In the afternoon, we will present strategies from the Compassion-Focused Therapy model to cultivate  compassion such as the visualisation of our Better Compassionate Self and the Multiple Selves practice. In the morning of the second day, we will explore possibilities in healing with practices in forgiveness of self and others.

On the second day, in the afternoon, there will be a mini compassion-focused silent retreat which will consist of an afternoon of a variety of compassion-focused guided meditation practices. The third day will be dedicated to self-sustaining practices to prevent caregiver fatigue/burnout. We will conclude the workshop with a celebration of our journey where we will further refine psychological self-care.

Format of workshop
The format of the workshop is experiential and will consist of self-reflective/self-practice exercises as well as meditations adapted from Compassion-Focused Therapy(CFT) taken from Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and  Mindfulneness-Based Emotional Balance program.

Who it is for
This is a workshop for professionals who have attended previously a Mindful Self-Compassion or similar workshops and have their own established practice in mindfulness and self-compassion.

This training course target professionals such as psychologists, social workers, counsellors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, medical practitioners,  teachers, trainers, coaches, nurses, lawyers and others who value and wish to further integrate mindfulness and self-compassion into their personal and work life.  

This Mindful Self-Compassion program is endorsed by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and promoted on the Australian Psychological Society (APS) on the calendar of events.

Training content
The training program includes:
•    guided meditations, visualizations, talks, experiential exercises, self-reflective writing and group discussions
•    handout and workbook


Beyond Mindfulness Self-Compassion

The emphasis of the program is on skill building to enhancing emotional resources and personal capacities to promote better engagement in our lives at home and at work.

Day 1:
Morning session: Presentation of the Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance advanced practices.
Afternoon session: Cultivating the three flows of compassion and tools from the Compassion-Focused Therapy model

Day 2:
Morning session: Exploring healing and forgiveness.
Afternoon session: Mini Silent Compassion-Focus Retreat

Day 3:

Morning session: Celebration of our journey and presenting psychological strategies involved in the prevention of caregiver fatigue. Finish at 1pm


Participant Guidelines
Beyond Mindfulness and Self-Compassion is an adventure in personal growth. The group comes together to provide a safe, supportive, confidential environment to develop mindfulness and compassion for ourselves and for others.

This workshop is non-residential.

Continued Professional Development(CPD)
A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate providing the number of hours attended will be given to everyone including trainers and professionals requiring evidence of professional development training (i.e. psychologists, social workers, teachers, medical practitioners, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapist etc.). The 3-day workshop provides 18 CPD hours.

Recommended Reading List for Cultivating Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
It is recommended, but not required, that participants read one of the following books before the training program:

    Gilbert Paul (2009), The Compassionate Mind
    Jimpa, Thupten (2015), A Fearless Heart
    Neff Kristin & Germer Chris (2018), The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook
    Margaret Cullen and Gonzalo Brito Pons(2015), The Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance Workbook
    R.L. Kolts, T. Bell, J. Bennett-Levy and C. Irons(2018),  Experiencing-Focused Therapy from the Inside Out.


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* Seppala et al. Journal of Compassionate Health Care 1:5 (2014)
* Eriksson T., et al.,  Front. Psychol., 27 November 2018

** If you wish to read more on the Self-Compassion Research:
Kristin Neff and colleagues research:
Paul Gilbert and colleagues research: