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Dr. Rebecca Jackson

Psychologist, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Teacher, BA, PhD(Clin.Psych)

Rebecca is recognised as warm, empathetic, and passionate about promoting psychological wellness, resilience and growth for all her clients. She believes the foundations of individual psychology are laid down in utero, and has a special interest in epigenetics, hypnobirthing, responsive and mindful parenting.        

Rebecca’s rare mix of training and education in Clinical Psychology, Perinatal Mental Health, Mindful Self Compassion and Childbirth Education provides her with an in depth understanding of the needs of women and couples during the perinatal period, infancy and early parenthood.

Prior to practicing exclusively in the perinatal, infant and family sector in 2016, Rebecca worked as a psychologist for 14 years across the private and public sector, establishing a diverse expertise with children, adolescents and adults in a range of mental health settings.

Her varied career established her broader understanding of mental health and individual difference and provided experience in working with mental health conditions, which may impact on, but are not exclusive to the perinatal and early parenting period. This includes issues such as anxiety disorders, major depression, psychosis, addiction, domestic violence, trauma and abuse.

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