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Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for everyone!

Join our Mindfulness and Self-Compassion courses to navigate life's stresses with more ease. Learn 25 quick and easy ways to ease struggles to promote well-being, resilience and satisfying relationships to live a happier and fulfilling life.

We offer Morning and Evening 8-week Courses at the Gold Coast.


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Mindfulness SelfCompassion for professionals

Join us for a Mindfulness and Self-Compassion workshop targeting professionals who wish to integrate mindfulness and self-compassion practices at home and in their workplace. Everyone will benefit!

We offer 2-day and 5-day workshops-Gold Coast Canberra, Sydney.


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One-to-One Coaching and Counselling

Our psychologist offer One-to-One counselling, mentoring and coaching services face to face or on Skype. One-on-one offers more privacy and confidentiality to deal with sensitive issues where your specific needs can be met.  We also provide clinical supervision for psychologists, social workers, counselors and other health professionals in mindfulness-based approaches.


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Mindfulness Meditation Retreat-

Coming home to self-compassion

Join us to experience the power of mindfulness and self-compassion in our one-day silent retreat. This is an opportunity to deepen and refocus your practice. You will be gently guided all through the day to meet yourself as a friend, to come home to kindness for more well being and resilience. 

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 toMindfulness and Self-Compassion

Gold Coast, Sydney and Canberra Australia

Give yourself the gift of Mindfulness and Self-compassion.

Navigate life's stresses with more ease.

Increase resilience, well-being and relationships.

Less stress, more happiness and success!

Powerful Mindfulness and Self-Compassion training programs presented by psychologists specifically trained that can transform your life!

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"Your most important relationship is with yourself. Be the friend that you have been looking for. Give yourself warmth, care and support no matter what."

Mindful self-compassion has transformed the lives of thousands of people in Australia and all over the world! Our powerful mindfulness and self-compassion training programs are presented by psychologists and qualified mindful self-compassion teachers.

*Become calmer!

The Mindful Self-Compassion Training Course is up to date with the latest research evidence-based program to reduce stress while increasing resilience, well-being and relationships. In this program, you will learn quick, easy and simple mindfulness and self-compassion practices to use in your everyday life, to calm and soothe yourself, to promote balance, to increase confidence, effective problem-solving and satisfying relationships.

*Become more resilient!

Mindfulness increases our ability to deal with the inevitable stresses and struggles with more calm and ease. When we add Self-Compassion to Mindfulness, we greatly increase the power of transformation and our capacity for happiness.  Mindfulness and  Self-compassion training to gain emotional strength and resilience, allowing us to accept ourselves as we are, to build on our resources, to motivate ourselves with encouragement, to care for others, and to be fully human.

*Experience well being!

The Mindful Self-Compassion Training Program is an experiential journey; an adventure in self-discovery and self-kindness. The Mindful Self-Compassion Course presents new mindfulness and new self-compassion practices to:

  • reduce stress
  • calm and soothe
  • focus and improve performance
  • ease difficult emotions
  • enable effective problem-solving
  • be more confident and successful
  • promote positive relationships
  • access intuition and creativity

*Become your own best friend

In this course you learn to relate to yourself in a way that strengthens, developing a supportive relationship with yourself in times of struggles like you would for a good friend. Learning to accept yourself in a balanced way without unhelpful harsh self-criticisms is empowering: being able to motivate yourself effectively, not out of fear but instead focussing on your core values and strengths is empowering.

*Better relationships at home and in the workplace!

In this program, you will learn ways to improve your relationships with yourself as well as with others; at home and at work. You will explore how to be a better partner, better parent but also how to be a more effective carer, co-worker, manager and leader in the workplace. Everyone will benefit!

*We can re-wire our brain to deal better with the 21st Century! 

Millions of people all over the world and in Australia are practising mindfulness self-compassion meditations as an antidote to a chaotic and stressful life. Mindful living is a healthy and happy way of being. It is the art of developing awareness, opening our heart to ourselves and others to gain clarity, calm and well-being. Mindfulness and self-compassion practices provide us with quick and simple strategies to deal with the stress throughout the day, where we learn to calm and soothe ourselves in times of struggles and to re-wires our brain in a way that helps us to enjoy the present moment.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was founded in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn to revolutionize stress and pain management. It was a trailblazer for many different kinds of successful mindfulness-based programs to deal with various difficult physical and mental health conditions.  Over the last 30 years, research, all over the world, has found that mindfulness and more recently self-compassion training increases emotional resilience and psychological strengths. Mindful compassionate individuals are healthier, happier, better adjusted, more engaged and have greater motivation. In addition, mindful compassionate individuals have more satisfying relationships, connecting with others with more flexibility and understanding. The positive feelings generated by a kind, connected and accepting mindset helps us to adopt a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, self-care) and to live more committed, rewarding lives.

What we offer:

Mindful Path offers skill-building training courses for groups and individual in mindfulnessmeditations and self-compassion that can transform your life at home and in your workplace.

Group training: We offer morning courses and evening courses over 8 weeks as well as 2 and 4 or 5-day intensive workshops targeted to meet the needs of everyone as well as professionals. In addition, we offer mindfulness-based training programs for various organizations, business and community groups.

One-to-one: We provide individual coaching/counselling for everyone as well as mentoring and supervision for professionals.

Who is it for?

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion training programs are for everyone, but they have been especially popular among professionals such as school teachers, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, medical practitioners, lawyers, occupational therapists, mindfulness/yoga teachers, coaches, managers, students as well as public servants and military/defence personnel. 

What is Mindful Self-Compassion training?

Mindful Self-Compassion is a new program empirically validated, co-created in 2010 by two brilliant psychologists, leaders in the field of mindfulness: Dr Chis Germer and Dr Kristin Neff. This groundbreaking program is built from the findings of the last 30 years of research in mindfulness (including Mindfulness-based Stress-Reduction), self-compassion and neuroscience.

Mindful Self-Compassion presents over 25 psychological tools many of which are new to mindfulness training.  Most of the tools take only a few seconds to a few minutes to practice, aiming to ease the stress and difficult moments in our daily activities. Other practices involved new mindfulness guided meditations, which have been found to reduce stress as well as promote greater engagement with ourselves and others. 

The Mindfulness and Self-Compassion course consists of:

  • mindfulness and self-compassion related activities such as guided meditations, visualizations, talks, experiential exercises, self-reflective writing, group discussions, strategies, tools and suggested home practices.
  • a toolkit consisting of 11 mp3 downloads
  • a handout manual of over 50 pages.

New guided mindfulness informal practices and meditations are presented such as "affectionate breathing", "loving kindness", "compassionate friend", "giving and receiving compassion", "compassionate mindful walking" and many others.

Continued Professional Development(CPD)

A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate providing the number of hours attended will be given to everyone including trainers and professionals requiring evidence of Continued Professional Development training(CPD) (i.e. psychologists, social workers, teachers, medical practitioners, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapist etc.).

Note: Once you completed the MSC 8-week course or 5-day workshop, you meet one of the requirements to apply for teacher training in Mindful Self-Compassion for adults or Making Friends with Yourself for teenagers.

Our mission

MindfulPath is committed to offering mindfulness and self-compassion training programs, courses, retreats and workshops at an affordable price in the Gold Coast, Canberra and Sydney in Australia.  Our presenters are registered, trained and experienced professionals and psychologists who have received extensive specific teaching training in mindfulness and self-compassion programs by the founders of the Mindful Self-Compassion program: Christopher Germer,  Kristin Neff and Steve Hickman and others. Marie Bloomfield the founder of MindfulPath has received extensive teaching training in mindfulness and self-compassion and is an accredited certified teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion by the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion and the UC San Diego Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute.

Our training courses, workshops, retreats and programs are psychological and secular in content and are independent of religious affiliations.  The Mindful Self-Compassion course is educational and does not replace psychological and medical treatments.

Please feel free to explore our website, and contact us if you have any questions or wish to register for our programs.
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Live your life fully! Live kindly!